Let There Be GWAR[]

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Released in 2004, Let There Be GWAR is a compilation of GWAR’s earliest demo recordings. Many of the songs on this album feature earlier drafts of lyrics, occasionally with entirely different verses, and alternate instrumental arrangements. The tracks were compiled and remastered by then-lead guitarist Cory Smoot at Karma Productions, which later became Slave Pit Studios.

The first four tracks are from 1985, and feature early vocalist Joey Slutman (Joe Annaruma) with soon-to-be frontman Oderus Urungus (Dave Brockie) on lead guitar. In an “Ask Sleazy” column on the now-defunct Bohab Central fansite, Don Drakulich claimed that Brockie was such an awful guitarist, his guitar tracks were removed from this release. The validity of his claim is unknown.

The remaining tracks were recorded in 1986 and feature Oderus on lead vocals. Of note, the final two tracks share names with later GWAR songs, but share little to no similarities.

Let There Be GWAR was initially sold at merch tables during GWAR’s 20th anniversary tour, with the remaining unsold copies being offered on GWAR’s website and tours until it went out of print in 2009, though it is still available in digital form.

Track Listing[]

No. Title Length
1. "You Ain’t Shit" (1985 Demo) [Ft. Joey Slutman] 1:08
2. "Americanized" (1985 Demo) [Ft. Joey Slutman] 1:58
3. "GWAR Theme" (1985 Demo) [Ft. Joey Slutman] 1:35
4. "Rock 'N’ Roll Party Town" (1985 Demo) [Ft. Joey Slutman] 3:31
5. "Pure As The Arctic Snow" (1986 Demo) 2:16
6. "Americanized" (1986 Demo) 1:31
7. "U Ain’t Shit" (1986 Demo) 0:58
8. "Slutman City" (1986 Demo) 3:56
9. "Time For Death" (1986 Demo) 3:07
10. "GWAR Theme" (1986 Demo) 1:49
11. "Rock ‘N’ Roll Party Town" (1986 Demo) 2:49
12. "Techno’s Song" (Instrumental) (1986 Demo) 2:27
13. "Eat Steel" (1986 Demo) 2:34
14. "Gor-Gor" (1986 Demo)